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How To Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

We get it - So many of our couples tell us "We're really awkward in front of cameras" and we have come up with a cheeky list of things to help you feel a little bit less awkward on your day.

Choose The Right Photographer

Okay so hear us out. One of THE most important things is to feel comfortable with the people/person you will be spending the majority of your day around.


Not to toot our own horn (toot!), but we make sure our couples have FUN.

If you're the awkward type, make sure you get on with your photographers so that it is more like spending the day with close friends than an awkward encounter with a stranger.


Lean In To What Makes You... You

Right, that's enough. Get off of Pinterest. I mean it. Off. 

Pinterest sets a lot of expectation based on styled shoots with couples who are used to being in front of the camera because that is their job. 

If you want your photos to actually be great, be YOURSELVES. Don't worry about an expectation. Just... Be you. You will enjoy your day more and also your photos will reflect you guys - not some random Influencer in Texas.

You just be you, let the photographer concentrate on the background and the style and honestly, just have fun.



Go and sit in a cold bath if you need to. Just. Stop. Stressing.

Stressing will get you nowhere. Other than having a bad time. Enjoy your day for what it is - a celebration of you and your partner! Have you fallen into your cake? So what! It makes for great photos.

Rain on your wedding day? Dance in it.

Wedding dress ripped? It would have just sat in the cupboard for years afterwards anyway. 

Just breathe, wrestle your new spouse in the chaos that is your newly-gained floor wedding cake and enjoy.


Want more tips or concerned about something in particular? 

Book a call with us  message and we will put your mind at ease

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