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Meet The Snashfolds

The Snashfolds are here to document your love story like no one else can.


We are alternative wedding photographers, passionate about capturing the raw, authentic moments that make your love unique.

No staged poses or forced smiles, just pure, rebellious love in its truest form.


Your wedding day should reflect who you are, breaking away from tradition and embracing your individuality.


With our artistic vision and keen eye for detail, we'll craft a visual narrative that celebrates your love story in all its vibrant, unconventional glory.

From the clandestine moments shared in secret hideaways to the defiant laughter echoing through the streets, we will encapsulate the essence of your rebellious spirit.

So, let go of the expected and dive headfirst into the extraordinary.

Let The Snashfolds be your partners in capturing the untamed love that binds you together.

Because love knows no boundaries, and neither do we.


Together, let's create a wedding album that defies convention and inspires others to embrace their own unique love stories.


Unleash your rebellious love with The Snashfolds.


We proudly celebrate and support love in all its diverse forms.

As an LGBTQ+ owned business, we understand the importance of inclusivity and embrace weddings that defy traditional norms.


Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are simply a couple with an extraordinary love story, we are here to ensure your moments are captured with respect, sensitivity, and artistic flair.

The only LGBTQ+ duo, offering wedding photography and celebrancy packages in the UK. A wife-and-wife team that will support you not only in creating awe-inspiring photos and a emotionally spell-bounding ceremony, but will help you take the weight off your shoulders to create a day that truly reflects both of you.

Based in Scotland but we cover the entirety of the UK and abroad. Travel and accommodation included in all UK-based packages.

Let's Get Digital, Digital...
(Photos of your day)

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