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Our Packages

What to expect when you book with us

- Two photographers with a total of 3 cameras and 6 lenses to cover multiple angles and lots of happy tears.

- Free pre-wedding consultation

- 24/7 access to your wedding plan and gallery, with the ability to add or edit your ideas or any small details you may have forgotten or want to amend after your consultation.

- Photographers who will climb into or onto near enough anything to get the shot (except festival toilets. Never festival toilets).

- 24/7 Access to your digital gallery.

- A guaranteed fantastic time.

- Transportation to different spots for photos.

-Help finding that perfect spot for photos/your ceremony that suits your personalities.

- Terrible Scottish accents upon request (unless you're not Scottish, in which case, it's incredible).

- Free help with finding local vendors to take some of the weight off those shoulders.

- FREE (yes, free) recordings (audio included) of your ceremony & speeches.

- We offset all of our carbon emissions by planting trees and supporting conservation projects, namely those involving keystone species - Providing essential support to our ecosystems.


When you book with us, the honeybees are happy

 we all want the honeybees to be happy.


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