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Struggling With Entertainment?

Let us help you think outside of the typical box.

Fill in the form and we will send you a little helper. 

Entertainment is quite often overlooked

There may be moments where your guests are unsure of what to do and look a little lost. 

Make your day unforgettable (and keep the kids busy) with these ideas.


The more entertained you are, the more entertained your guests will be

Guests will see you getting involved with your entertainment and feel more comfortable in participating. So book something that YOU will both love.

Like fire? Book a fire performer. 

Like art? Book a caricature artist.

Tattoos your thing? Get temporary tattoos made. Or take it one step further and get a tattoo artist at your wedding.

The more different your ideas are for your day, the more amusing and tempting it will be to everyone else. 

It's your day - So go for it!


Make your day truly unique

Book a call with us and we will find out some more about you and come up with ideas that will blow your minds.


Let's Get Started

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