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We appreciate you taking the time to stop by on our page. 

One of the most important parts of choosing a photographer is making sure they are the right fit for you. When people click, they are their natural selves and this shows in the photos. 

A little bit about us...


We're an adventurous wife-and-wife duo of self-taught photographers (The only LGBTQ+ wedding photography & celebrancy providers in the whole of Scotland). We specialise in landscape, nature and urbex photography but we also have a passion for wedding photography. Our love of all things nature means we incorporate the colours, the landscapes, the depth of the environment and your personalities all into one little package.

We moved to Scotland, UK in 2023 to live a life of adventure, which we will always try our best to incorporate into our photos, one way or another.

In a world filled with noise, the aim of our art is to capture a moment which stills this all, which creates serenity in the viewer. 

At your big day, we love capturing candid moments that you otherwise may not have noticed or may have forgotten - those rhapsodic moments that you can look back on and relive - rather than staged monotonous photos that make your jaw ache. Candid photos of innate expressions and emotions are truly what makes photography so special and what makes us happiest. One of the most important things for us is for our couples to feel completely at ease, helping to fill their day with laughter and pure delight.

Melissa's focus is  mostly on the story-telling aspects of your day, mingling with guests, sharing jokes so terrible that you can't help but laugh and capturing everyone in their most relaxed and sometimes embarrassing states. Whilst Diane focuses on the small details of your day and comes up with alternative ways of going-about your special moments.

When we aren't concentrating on photography, you can generally find us out and about on some peculiar adventure, as we love the outdoors and exploring old awe-inspiring ruins. 

If you're excited by the thought of finding less-travelled spots to get one-of-a-kind photos and just want to feel like you're with friends who will capture those little parts of your day that bring those happy tears to your eyes (not biased at all, we promise), we are your people. We will get you to drop those inhibitions and just laugh your day away, no matter what happens.

Melissa & Diane


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