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What kind of couple are you?

It is so important (and I cannot say this enough) that you choose vendors who suit who you are as people.

You need to be making decisions not only based on the style that a vendor offers but also how compatible you are. 

If you can't laugh until the cows come home (note, if you are not British, you may not understand this saying. If you are, you probably still don't understand it) with your vendors, chances are - you won't get anything unique to yourselves. Nor will the photos come out as well as they would have done if you were comfortable. 

If you are the type of people who love adventuring outdoors, finding little unique places, would prefer to laugh than to stress and who want a more candid, meaningful approach to your day, we will match you perfectly.

If you are awkward and aren't used to having your photos taken, we will just make sure you get to a point where you feel so comfortable that you forget the camera even exists.

If you are the type of people who like trying new things (paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming with sharks, skateboarding, tickling grizzly bears under the chin, hiking, surfing) then you get extra points.

Not sure what kind of ceremony to have yet?

Let's take you down a little rabbit-hole to help you figure it out...

The Wedding Couple

Imagine the scene:

You're marrying your best friend, the person you've decided to spend your life with. You've spent months, if not years planning this. You haven't received all of the RSVPs back yet and you know Uncle Ronnie is partial to a few chips - If people show up and there is no food left, that's on them. 

What matters is, you have your person. 

You're so happy that the sun is shining (although your photographers - us - are secretly wishing for clouds), it's like the world is saying it is your day - because it is. 

Your ceremony was conducted with only love in mind. Specific to you. 

There were tears, so many happy tears - Your celebrant knows she did a good job.

All of a sudden, the day has disappeared. It has been incredible. Everything went smoothly. When it didn't, it didn't matter anyway.

You are safe in the knowledge that your photographers caught all those parts that passed you by.

Due to your memory-loss from the day, you conclude that tomorrow you need a high-carb breakfast. Maybe you did overdo it slightly on tequila.

The Destination Wedding Couple

Essentially, the same as above. 

The only difference is the sun is most definitely shining.

Your bridesmaid has been trying to get the number of the waiter/waitress all night. They have managed to escape by texting your bridesmaid her own number.

You're not sure how many times is acceptable to be mouthing 'I'm so sorry' to them. The answer is - as many times as you want, they don't speak enough English to lip read.

There are lizards basking on the walls outside.

You are truly considering jumping into the pool with your dress/suit on and your photographers (us) are 100% there for that.

The Elopement Couple

The weather can do what it wants today. In fact, the moodier and darker it is, the better. 

You have packed your comfy clothes in your bag for directly after your elopement because chances are, the rain will pour. 

You only have your nearest and dearest with you. If anyone at all. This day is only about you two, having an adventure. 

Your celebrant (Diane) knows this and she has created a ceremony that you can look back on and remember for the rest of your days. Your photographers have made sure that they have helped you plan this day, you have all the right vendors for you. 

It can pour down with rain today, you don't care. You will pack this day away into the memory file in your head forever. No matter how many terabytes of data your brain needs, this one is staying for good.

You get back to your little Air b'n'b. You were blown away by how many amazing spots your photographers (us) took you to today.

Get stuck in to your pizza, you earned this.  

You drop a whole pot of BBQ sauce down yourself. You're so glad you got changed.

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