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Vow Renewals

With weddings on the sly in lockdown and the electricity companies charging you for 1x your soul as soon as you turn on that air fryer you bought. A lot of people are now looking to have a ceremony to renew the vows they made to one another - either alone or with their families and friends.

We are seeing a huge number of people now opting for this nationwide and we are offering packages to suit!

A cheeky bit of drone footage to show you what you could be doing!

(From a vow renewal done by Diane in 2023)

Look at those little people at Royston Cairn (on the right), declaring their love for one another and experiencing their story told from a completely different perspective.

Interested? Read on...

We want your day to be as simple as possible for you.

We can help find you a venue that suits your personalities and your love. 

We can put you in touch with vendors.

We can even bring you an Irn Bru for your quaich drink.

We will do everything in our power to help you create the perfect day for you and your partner.

We tailor your entire day to your personalities and what will suit you both. After all, we want you to have an amazing time that you never forget.

Want poems? You got it - not the classic 'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?'. Shakespeare can sit this one out (unless you love ol' William the compulsive womaniser, telling everyone 'Thou art more lovely') - but ones that suit YOU.

Want elements that aren't the usual choice, with your interests and backgrounds in mind? You got that too.

This day is about both of you, your love, your beliefs and your memories.

Sound awesome? Want to sit back and get your photographer and celebrant sorted all at once? We're on it.

To assist with that, we are offering the following package to tie everything neatly in a little bow (much like your handfasting experience)

'Til Death Do Us Part... 2.0 Package

Your package will include

- A ceremony conducted by a qualified celebrant (Diane) who tailors your entire ceremony to you. 


- An extra element included in your ceremony (please see the celebrancy extras for more information on this)


- Professional photos throughout your ceremony and couple photos after, totalling 1 and a half hours and 40 hand-edited photos on your own private gallery


- Drone footage (weather dependent) - A couple of short, edited clips created using a professional drone, adding a dramatic backstory to your day to share with your friends and family. Or to look at over and over again, because it's pretty cool.

Sounds like an easy process, right?

That's because it is.

Literally just drop us a message and we will work harder than that pigeon trying his luck for the 27th time today.

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