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Putting your spin on

Sick of hearing 'Come on Eileen' and someone searching for the knife to cut the cake? You sound like our type of people.

Let us take you into the world of untraditional.

You might scare your Nan but we promise, it will be worth it.

Your day is supposed to be about you

So keep it that way

Hear us out... 

Weddings are great and the emotion and love that come with every wedding is different. 


Imagine if you could flip the script. Imagine if you chose to be DIFFERENT. Imagine if you had a day more perfect than you could have ever imagined

And it actually felt like it was true to who you are. From start to finish.

Your ceremony

You could just go with the usual registrar... They will do the legal bits. 

That's it really. Just the legal bits.

So let's kick this up a notch

Instead, you can get yourself an independent celebrant

(in case you weren't aware, we are a celebrant and photography combo... Cheeky bit of self-advertising there).

An independent celebrant will get to know you. 

They will ask you questions to figure out how your love works and who you both are as individuals. 

They will help you write your own, personalised vows (this is your chance to get your partner back for leaving the empty toilet roll on the holder).

They will turn your ceremony from that standard 'I will obey' to 'Til death do us part... unless you give me your damn cold again'.

Want to learn more about having an independent celebrant?

The cake cutting

Cutting the cake... a classic for any wedding menu. 

If you choose to have a wedding cake, do you just want to slice it whilst the photographer takes photos and then move on immediately to your first dance?

Or would you prefer to go at it with a chainsaw, a sword or an axe? 

You might love axe throwing or one of you might be really into your medieval fantasy. 

Check with your venue what you're allowed to do and if they're down - try something a bit different!

First dance

You could put good ol' Ed Sheeran on and let your partner sing along and pretend they can 'sweep you off of your feet'.


You could have a Guitar Hero-off...

You could have your bridesmaids and groomsmen join you for a dance-off (extra points for anyone that starts breakdancing)...

You could go up against your new spouse on a dance machine 

Your guests will love the different aspect your chosen event will have.

Even better - If you think it will be fun - you will enjoy it.

Better yet, you can get guests involved and it will really kick your evening off. That means better photos and more fun - which can't ever be a bad thing.

Want more ideas?

Book a no-obligation call with us and let's take your day to another level.

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